A successful Austrian data company engaged mcpk. to build an offshore development team from scratch and establish an R&D center in Kyiv

The company helps businesses to sustainably reduce costs of archiving data
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  • 4+ years together
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The client needed to hire additional staff for maintaining their products and to cope with the growing demand for their services.

The customer runs a unique registered product master data repository that supports efficient consolidation and mastering data for major enterprise companies and industry leaders. 


The company management faced difficulties in finding local IT professionals in Austria due to the current status on the job market.

The team’s collaborative efforts are thorough and the process is seamless. Excellent reporting capabilities and end-to-end office planning are among mcpk.’s specialties.
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Nikolaus Ondracek
Technical Director, Paradine
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mcpk. established a local company on client’s behalf, provided software engineers of required skill, an office space, computers, and rendered HR and accounting services.

mcpk. managed to build an engineering team from zero to six developers in just six months, which grew to nine devs within the next half year. 


Currently, almost half of the client’s engineering team is located in their Kyiv development center and continues growing while mcpk. maintain taking care of them with everything they need.

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Martin Schlott
Founder & CEO