Frequently Asked Questions

What is the working language with devs?
All developers we present to you speak English. We pay special attention to communication skills and sufficient English level depending on the position.
Are there German-speaking developers available?
No. Even though learning German is popular in Ukraine, it is nearly impossible to find local Ukraine software development with a functional level of German.
Do we need to specify modules in our software to let Ukrainian developers develop them?
No, the developers work as a part of your team. You communicate with them as you do with any other developers. They participate in meetings, scrum sprints and join in your standard Ukraine software development routine.
Is the payment on an hourly basis or a daily basis?
Neither of them. Hourly or daily payments are typical for consulting-based hiring where you hire a developer from another company. We find the specialists matching your requirements and engage them on your behalf. Pre-agreed costs arising from that are directly invoiced to you. It is a monthly payment to the developer, and it is a monthly invoice to you. That includes holidays and sick days.
Do we contract the developers directly?
No, we hire them, and you contract us. As long as it does not contradict the contract between you and mcpk., you are free to enter into additional agreements with the developers, such as NDA, etc.
What technology do you offer?
We are not limited regarding technology as long as it is digital and not bound to specialized hardware like embedded systems.
Do you offer only tech staff?
Apart from software engineers, we can also offer UI/UX designers, 3D designers, QA and support personnel, and others. We can forge the entire team for you.
What is the difference between a recruitment service and your service?
A recruitment agency is looking for employees, but their service often ends when the fitting candidate is hired. Compared to that, we don't just recruit the developers. We take care of them as long as they work for you. Our service to them includes but is not limited to remuneration, accounting, computers, office space, insurance, retention activities, etc.
What is the difference between outsourcing and your service?
Our service focuses on the developer, not what they do for you. Thus, we do not provide any warranties regarding the developer's services. In contrast, an outsourcer assumes liability for specific work results delivered.
What is the difference between consulting or body leasing services and your service?
Body leasing service providers have their developers working for them. You can "rent" them for a specific time, measured in hours or days. Those developers can even work for different customers simultaneously. In contrast, we do not have engineers waiting on a bench. The developers we present to you will be contracted and work 100% for you.
How long does it take until we get the first developer?
If you agree to our processes and terms (like a four-days working week), we are sure we can find a suitable engineer for you within six to eight weeks.
Can we save money by nearshoring into Ukraine?
Yes, you still can. But only if you build up a team that consists not only of senior developers but a full range of experience. Nevertheless, the reason to come to us should be the need for developers, rather than the need to save money.
Can we relocate a developer to our country?
No. We do not support relocation anymore, as the developers’ side’s demand is deficient.
In what industries do you work?
As we search for developers with specific skills and expertise you need, we can work with any industry.
How will the team be managed: scrum/kanban/waterfall?
As it will be your team or your developers, you decide how to manage them. Most of the engineers here usually have experience with scrum.
Can I see some sample CVs?
No. It simply does not make any sense. As we start searching for the right developer for you at a later stage of the process, it is doubtful that we have a relevant CV at hand where the developer will be still available later on. Therefore we do not see any benefit in sending outdated CVs to you.
Can we visit you?
Sure! There is a mutual visa-free agreement between the European Union and Ukraine. You can buy a ticket and come to Ukraine any time. You are always welcome in our Kyiv office. However, please, check current restrictions related to COVID measures beforehand.
Can developers visit us?
Yes, anytime. Most countries allow easy traveling for business reasons as long as it is for team meetings, workshops, or ramp up to a project. We also support you and the developer regarding this.
How can I imagine a Ukrainian developer?
There is no social or cultural difference between Ukraine and western Europe in the current generation of software developers. Besides the need to speak English, you will find those developers equally qualified and willing to perform in your project.