How we hire

Joining us isn’t easy, but it isn’t too hard either. Just try to be the best version of yourself
All candidates go through a 3-steps hiring process
While the process may vary depending on the client’s requirements, this flow is the most common and takes up to two weeks.
Short pre-screening
How mcpk. hire best IT specialists for DACH companies. Pictures #1
Client’s assessment
How mcpk. hire best IT specialists for DACH companies. Pictures #2
Technical evaluation
Short pre-screening

Our recruiting team runs a semi-formal interview where we analyze your previous work experience, communication skills and English level.

A tip: relax and be yourself; imagine you’re talking to a friend.

Client’s assessment

The second stage is where you get acquainted with a client and provide more details on your working background and technology knowledge.

Also, this is a perfect opportunity to get to know the customer better and receive more information about the product you will work on.

A tip: don’t forget to breathe and ask questions.    

Technical evaluation

The final stage is where we conduct an in-depth technical evaluation. You will speak with client’s technical team members, and sometimes participate in a live coding challenge.

We want to understand your approach to solving problems and analyzing data. Please, note we never use test tasks for these purposes.

A tip: show us how your mind works; try to be straight to the point.  

Decision and offer

Overall, we all have the same goal – to make sure you and the client’s product team are the best match. If a customer approves your candidacy, our recruiter will reach out to you with an offer.

Otherwise, we will provide honest feedback on why the client chose another candidate.

If you accept the offer, we will guide you through all benefits and perks and prepare to welcome you on board to join our team of IT specialists.