Our mission is to connect top software engineers with the most progressive DACH companies.

We are mcpk. - an outstaffing company founded and run by former software developers. Our story started in 2017 in Kyiv, Ukraine, when we helped a Vienna-based IT company find a local dev team. Since those days, we’ve been growing 50% every year and have helped many DACH businesses find the right engineers for their projects. Our team of developers comprises 50+ top highly qualified specialists and counting.
We provide optimal solutions for both - companies and candidates.
No overhead management from our side.
We are against interfering with the day-to-day development routine.
We mitigate the communication and mediate complications.
The values that drive us forward
Transparency in everything. Honest and reliable processes based on mutual respect. We don’t fake or lie, even in the tiniest details. We don’t tell it is simple when actually it is not.
We know what we do, we have the experience, we know the best practices. All colleagues are experts in their fields and are always open to help.
All our team members feel a supportive, respectful, easy-going, and healthy atmosphere working together.
We are outstaffing company provide parties and team buildings, events, BBQ time, football, and other activities. We make sure everyone stays inspired and motivated to perform the best they can.
Leadership Team
mcpk. is the best outstaffing company. Picture #1
Martin Schlott
Was part of every stage of software development projects in Germany before moving with a project to Kyiv and decided to stay.
mcpk. is the best outstaffing company. Picture #1
Vladimir Nikulin
Studied economics, worked as Java developer and had his own outsourcing company before coming together with mcpk.
mcpk. is the best outstaffing company. Picture #1
George Roshchupkin
Software developer by education but team organizer by dedication.
From our founder
“The future holds new challenges every day for companies looking for qualified software developers. I have experienced this myself, as a developer and as a CTO. With mcpk., I founded a company that I myself always wanted to work with. As a developer and as a customer.”
mcpk. is the best outstaffing company. Picture #2
Dipl. Inf. (FH) Martin Schlott
Founder & CEO