Connecting the best Ukrainian software engineers with DACH businesses.

Team augmentation
Need more people? — We will hire the devs you need, and make sure they’ve got everything for doing an excellent job for you.
A dedicated team
We can forge an entire team, including tech and non-tech specialists devoted to your business.
R&D office
Manage your dedicated team under your wholly-owned legal entity established by us. Creating a fully-functional overseas unit was never so easy!
Your Benefits of working with us
Direct cooperation
We’ll select the best talents for you, build a team or augment your existing one, and you’ll communicate with them directly as if they sat in your office.
Long-term partnership
When the team works long enough, they know and understand any tiny aspects of your business. So they can provide you with unparalleled solutions.
We stand for transparency in everything. All the processes, from recruitment, hiring, and onboarding to performance reviews, are clear and understandable.
German soul
Our CEO is from Germany who’s been living in Kyiv for years. We combine German punctuality and striving for perfection with Ukrainian creativity and hard-working.
Wish to start cooperation?
Let’s make it in 5 easy steps:
Give us a shout; we’ll analyze your needs.
We’ll find and source candidates that fit your request.
You interview them and make your decision.
In case of your favorable decision, we will start the onboarding process.
That’s it. Now it’s time for working and retention.
Not everything can be described here.
You've often got more specific requirements. That’s why we are always open to discussion. Let’s see how we can help you.
Martin Schlott
Founder & CEO
mcpk. works as if they’re part of our company.
Christoph Klaja
Head of Product Development, Mondia Media
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We couldn’t work in the future without a team from mcpk. We desperately need them.
Christopher Meyering
CDO, DIA Connecting Software GmbH & Co. KG
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With the pre-selection presented by mcpk., we're able to acquire and hire developers.
Peter Fausel
CEO, Tools4Vision GmbH
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They have a very convenient method of collaboration.
Nikolaus Ondracek
Technical Director, Paradine
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mcpk. made a good first impression with a small demo and every step has been successful ever since.
Majk Skoric
CTO, Borek Digital Group
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3 months

I have discussed this topic before. It is about team augmentation also called nearshoring or outstaffing. But now there are more and more requests from companies that have never considered outsourcing their developer resources before.

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It’s time again to talk about the salary demands of software developers in general.
At the moment, developers’ salaries know only one direction, upwards… …and drastically at that.

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Do you have a software development team? Do you want to scale it? Or you need to build up one from scratch? Outsourcing will only bring you only more trouble

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When I talk to product companies, I only get two responses. Either they say they don’t need developers or they are desperate for new developers. Let’s talk about the first category today

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Do you have a software development team? Do you want to scale it? Or you need to build up one from scratch? Outsourcing will only bring you only more trouble!

 4-days working week! 4-days working week! 4-days working week! 4-days working week!