A leading Jira software customization company transferred their whole software development center to mcpk.

A Stuttgart-based company provides digital transformation services for a wide range of clients across Europe
  • Active client
  • 2,5 years together
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The client wanted to get a better control over the cost structure of its existing development center in Ukraine

The company works as an independent consultant on tools knowledge that gives recommendations, sells the right tools, and helps implement them successfully. Their clients range from automotive companies to media and retail.


The company needed to restructure its development department in Ukraine and better control processes and costs.

It turned out that mcpk. was able to provide a better and more secure service for the client’s team.

After thorough consideration, the client decided to transfer the entire development team to mcpk.. 


mcpk. performed the crisis management, took over the administration, and successfully integrated the team into its existing structure.

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Martin Schlott
Founder & CEO