A leading European entertainment solution provider engaged mcpk. and grew their development team by fifteen software developers for a better customer experience

The company gives people digital experiences with 1,000+ streaming services in one place
  • Active client
  • 3 years together
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The client needed to hire additional software developers to maintain their system and develop new features for improving customer flow.

The customer hosts in-house product solutions which are customized with local and international content. The company offers 1000+ digital products across 55 countries to 1,5+ billion people. 


However, due to the high demand of their product the customer required expansion of their dev team.They needed to hire experienced software developers within a strictly limited time for smooth growth and implementing new features. 


Their Head of product development was initially skeptical about engaging remote teams. He traveled to Kyiv for a week to meet the team and see the candidates in person to establish cooperation.

mcpk. has delivered efficient service and quality work. Their team is full of quick learners that proactively take on their tasks. Customers can expect a seamless relationship with frequent communication.
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Christoph Klaja
Head of Product Development, Mondia Media
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mcpk. presented mobile and web developers, designers, and QAs to establish a local team.

The newly formed team was set to maintain the client’s existing products. 


Learning quickly, the team started working on new projects from scratch in close cooperation with the client. 


It helped the client improve the overall user experience and enabled much faster delivery. 


mcpk. continues to take care of the team.

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Martin Schlott
Founder & CEO